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We occasionally get app reviews from users asking questions or seeking help, so we wanted to take a moment today to discuss how app reviews work and why they’re not a great way for forScore users to get answers.

For most of the App Store’s history, reviews were totally one-sided: developers couldn’t respond publicly or privately to offer help or ask for clarification. That changed a few years ago, but Apple limits the number of times a developer can respond to a review and, most crucially, they must approve each one and it can take up to a day for a response to appear on the App Store. At that point the reviewer is notified of the response via email, but if the reviewer doesn’t regularly check that email address the response may never be seen.

In general, reviews are great for offering your overall opinion about an app’s functionality and usefulness to you on the whole in a way that helps others understand if the app might be right for them as well. When you’re having a specific, temporary problem or don’t understand how something works, please get in touch with us first and let us help; you’ll get a much faster response, more detailed information, and be able to follow up with other questions at any time.

Reviews that follow these guidelines really do help. We just released our 17th major update to forScore, each one absolutely free for all users who purchased a previous version. If you bought forScore 1.0 for $2.99 back in 2010, you’ve gotten access to every single one of these updates and an app that does orders of magnitude more than it did at the start. If you can, please consider leaving a 5-star review and help us fuel all of the updates still to come.