Common Services Questions

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We’ve been getting a few common questions concerning recent changes to the Services panel, so today we’re going to answer them publicly. If your questions or concerns aren’t addressed here, please get in touch with us here so we can help further.

Which service should I switch to?

None! The Files app lets you access all of the services that have ever been available in the Services panel (and a whole lot more) so you don’t need to switch to a new one.

How will I access my content on a computer or from other devices?

Although it’s primarily designed to give you access to your iCloud Drive account, the Files app isn’t a different service—it’s an iOS interface. By connecting the Files app to Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive, or any other third-party service, you gain the ability to access content stored on those services through the Files interface system-wide. When you’re on another device, like a computer, you can still access Google Drive (or whichever service you use) just like you always have. Your content doesn’t move anywhere.

Will Dropbox or Box be moved to the Files app too?

You can use both services with the Files app, but we have no plans to remove either account type from the Services panel. As long as these companies offer reasonable APIs, we’ll do everything we can to support them just as we always have.

Do I have to use the Files option in the Services panel?

No, there are several different ways to interact with the Files interface. If your device supports it, use Drag and Drop gestures and either the Slide Over or Split View multitasking modes. Or, use standard iOS share sheets to copy files into or out of forScore. With our next major update, we’ll be including an import button in the main menu that’ll give you quick access to the Files interface whenever you need to add something to your forScore library.

Is this decision permanent?

Yes, Apple has made clear that the Files interface is their preferred way of allowing users to access their content across all of their apps. As we continue to release updates, we’ll keep working hard to re-think some of our assumptions and to better align forScore with this new model, making it easier and simpler for our customers to manage their content so they can get back to what matters most: their music.

What if it doesn’t work for me?

Learning a whole new way of working with your content is daunting, we know. Most of our customers who have contacted us with misgivings were convinced immediately after they tried it for themselves. Step by step guides like the one we published a few weeks ago are long and pedantic and look intimidating, but spend a few minutes setting it up and you’ll see how much better it can be. You really just have to try it for yourself.