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A Real Breakout Moment

It started with the iPad in 2010. Then forScore came to the iPhone and iPod Touch in 2014. It debuted on the Mac in 2020, and now a whole new experience is coming. Introducing forScore for Apple Vision Pro: it’s your sheet music with a new dimension, on a limitless canvas, in transformative surroundings. Say hello to something entirely different yet instantly intuitive.

Spatial Design

forScore steps out of the constraints of rectangular screens and moves into your space with an incredible new flexible design that feels strikingly new but right at home on Apple Vision Pro. It’s a whole new experience that combines eye tracking and intuitive hand gestures to let you read sheet music in a completely unique way, blended beautifully into your own space or transported with you as you’re enveloped by an entirely different environment.

Multiple Pages

Unlike other platforms, where your windows are constrained by your device’s physical size, visionOS gives you an infinite canvas to display more pages. Make your music as big as you like and view up to five pages side-by-side. Place forScore anywhere in physical space and it’ll stay there no matter where you go. Come back later, and your music will be right where you left it.

Immersive Experience

Focus on your music with Vision Pro’s immersive environments. All of the distractions around you melt away when you surround yourself with these gorgeous and serene scenes that give you a whole new stage to perform from. State of mind is so important when you’re playing music, and these environments can make a real difference and help you do your best.

Familiar Functionality

It’s a whole new experience but it’s the same forScore you know and love with incredible features like annotation, setlists, bookmarks, links, buttons, and audio utilities. Since forScore can spread out a little more, interface elements can even hang off of the edges of your page so they’re accessible without covering up your music.

Universal Purchase

We’ve done a lot of work to get forScore ready for Apple’s latest groundbreaking device, focusing not just on features but also redefining the interface when it makes sense to take advantage of unique aspects of visionOS. We also know that Apple Vision Pro is just the start of a whole new product category that will continue to grow and become more affordable, and we want to be ready for each musician if and when they decide to try it out for themselves.

We think forScore has a bright future on visionOS, and we’re very excited to be able to bring this experience to all forScore users free of charge—just like we did with the Mac version. Way back in 2010 we promised free updates for life and we’re continuing to deliver, well over a decade later. It’s our way of saying thank you to the many people who’ve supported us over the years and allowed us to get to this point.


Available Now.

forScore 14.2 and all of these amazing upgrades are available now for iOS, iPadOS, macOS, and visionOS. forScore 14.2 is a free update for all existing users, available across all supported platforms at no additional charge. Get it today on the App Store, and be sure to check out our news page or follow us on Mastodon for our latest news and announcements.

for iOS, iPadOS, & visionOSfor macOS

for iOS, iPadOS, & visionOS
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