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In November 2020 we brought forScore to the Mac and introduced a whole new sheet music reading experience. Learn more about forScore on the Mac below:

What are the minimum requirements?

forScore requires macOS 12 Monterey (a free update for most Macs). It runs natively on all Macs that support macOS 12, including both Intel-based models and the newer Apple Silicon-based models first introduced in late 2020.

How is it different than the iOS and iPadOS version?

forScore on the Mac was designed to be nearly identical to the iOS and iPadOS version. Whenever possible, its features and tools work exactly the same way across devices, but there are some differences and limitations:

  • There are several APIs that Apple does not currently offer on macOS, including ARKit (used for face gestures), AirPods Pro motion sensing, and automatic document scanning (though the camera and image inputs are still available through forScore’s Scan feature). If these APIs are updated in the future, forScore will be able to utilize them just as it does on iOS and iPadOS.
  • Due to major unresolved issues with Apple’s Media Player framework on macOS, audio playback using the Music app is currently not available—though in most cases forScore can use its own audio engine to play these same Music library tracks directly while offering advanced functionality like speed and pitch adjustment. This limitation currently prevents forScore from playing songs that are streamed from the cloud or DRM protected.

How do I get it?

forScore is a universal app, so you only have to purchase it once using your Apple ID, then you can download and use it on all of your personal devices authorized for use with that same Apple ID at no additional charge. That means you can buy it once (exclusively on the App Store) to then use it on your iPad, Mac, iPhone, and iPod Touch. If you’re a forScore Pro subscriber, use the “restore” button in the forScore Pro interface to activate your membership on each device.

What if the App Store prompts me to pay again?

This is an occasional App Store issue that can be easily addressed—please see this article for more information.

How do I transfer my content to the Mac?

You can use iCloud Syncing to automatically keep your content up to date between devices, or perform a one-time transfer: use forScore Backup Utility to archive your iPad or iOS device’s library directly to your computer, then launch forScore on your Mac and drag the resulting 4SB file into the Backups panel and click on it to restore its contents.

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