I deleted the app or restored my device. How can I restore my data?

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The instructions in this article are also applicable for lost or damaged devices that can no longer be accessed.

We do not recommend deleting and reinstalling the app unless we explicitly direct you to do so after exhausting all other troubleshooting. If you encounter issues with the app, please contact us first using the form at the left of this page.

Deleting forScore from your device also deletes all files and data associated with forScore (iOS should have warned you about this with an alert requiring you to confirm that you would indeed like to delete the app). However, if you did delete the app, the following methods can be used to attempt to restore your forScore library and data:

If you have a manual backup of your PDF files as well as a forScore 4SB backup file, you can follow the instructions here to restore your library.

If you don’t have a manual backup, you might try restoring your iOS device from a computer backup or iCloud backup to see if that also restores your forScore library. Please note, however, that restoring from a full backup restores your entire iOS device, not just one app, and these backups aren’t guaranteed to contain all of your forScore data. Learn more about restoring from a whole-device backup on Apple’s Support site.

If neither of these methods are available or successful, then unfortunately there’s no other way to restore your library. To safeguard your data, we highly recommend backing up your library on a regular basis using these instructions.

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