Restoring your library data from a forScore backup file

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If you want to reset your library to a previously backed up state, or recover information that may have been lost by deleting the app or restoring your device, you can do so by re-adding your PDFs and restoring from a 4SB backup file as described below.

  • Launch forScore and open the settings panel to make sure “automatic fetching for new files” is disabled
  • Close forScore and connect your iOS device to your computer

Using iTunes File Sharing

  • First, check to make sure that “automatic fetching for new files” is disabled in forScore’s settings
  • Access the iTunes File Sharing panel
  • Click “Add…” in the documents panel on the right and navigate to the folder that contains your forScore data.
  • Select all of the files (including any 4SB backup files) by clicking on one and pressing Ctrl-A (PC) or Command-A (Mac), then click “Add”
  • Once chosen, the transfer will begin immediately, with a progress bar displaying at the top of the iTunes window.
  • When the transfer is complete, you can disconnect your device from your computer.
  • Launch forScore, then open the Tools menu and choose Backup
  • Tap to select the most recent backup file in the list, and choose “restore library and settings” when prompted.

Using the Services panel

You can also restore your library from a supported cloud service through forScore’s Services panel. We don’t typically recommend this since uploading and downloading an entire library can be slow when relying on an internet connection (instead of a USB connection to your computer), but the following instructions will help you restore from a full backup of your library in a supported cloud service. (Please note: iCloud Drive does not support multiple file selection so there is no way to restore your whole library from iCloud Drive)

  • Open the Services panel in the Tools menu and log into the account that stores your backup
  • Locate the folder that contains all of the files and tap the Edit button in the upper right corner
  • Tap the “select all” button at the bottom of the panel (a circled check mark), then tap the “download” button next to it
  • When the download is complete, open the Backup panel
  • Restore from the backup you made (titled by date/time) by tapping on it and choosing “Restore Library and Settings”

If you not familiar with backing up your forScore library and database, see this article: Backing up your library to your computer

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