Why can't I turn pages?

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There are a few reasons why you may not be able to turn pages in forScore:

The app’s default settings only allow you to flip pages from one score to the next when viewing items in a setlist. Details here: Flip between scores

Page turns are intentionally disabled when using the pinch-zoom feature because it is intended for quick up-close reference of your page. If you would like to reduce the margins or set the overall zoom level of a PDF to maximize the size of the music on the screen, use the Crop or Margin Adjustment tools.

If you are viewing a bookmark within a larger PDF, you will only be able to turn pages within the range set for that bookmark. View the source PDF file to freely turn pages throughout the PDF, or consider creating a “simple” bookmark by only entering a start page (no end page) to jump to a specific page in a file and page forward and backward freely.
Understanding forScore Bookmarks
Creating Bookmarks

If none of these apply to your situation or explain the behavior you’re seeing, please contact us using the form in the upper left corner of the page for further assistance.

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