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10.5: The Newest iPad

| Feature of the Week

Taking a quick break from exploring all of the new features introduced in forScore 10.2, today we’ll be taking a peek at 10.5—not a version, but a screen size—the newest addition to the iPad lineup that was introduced at last week’s WWDC keynote. We got our hands on one earlier this week, and it’s anything but hype.

First of all, forScore works great on this new hardware. Thanks to forScore’s adoption of flexible layouts and size classes back when iOS 9 was first introduced (with its Split View and Slide Over multitasking modes), forScore runs on this new device at its native screen resolution without us having to do anything at all. So that’s the “feature” part of this week, but now back to the hardware: it’s bigger, faster, and smoother than ever before.

The screen is bigger, though not remarkably so. Meanwhile, the bezels have shrunk, keeping the overall device size about the same as its predecessor. For users who need the portability that the original iPad form factor provides will definitely benefit from these changes, though most users looking for a bigger screen specifically will likely opt for the 12.9″ iPad Pro (also upgraded last week). The screen isn’t just larger, however, it’s also smoother: the refresh rate has been doubled, meaning scrolling feels more realistic and immediate. When you’re looking at a static screen, like our users do when viewing a page of sheet music, the screen actually reduces this refresh rate to conserve battery power, so you get the best of both worlds.

And of course, this thing screams. The processing power and the graphics power are significantly improved even from just last year’s models—30% faster and 40% faster, respectively. If you’re still looking for an excuse to replace that iPad 3 or iPad Air, you’ll have no trouble finding it here. It’s incredible to use, and the Apple Pencil is an absolute must for anyone who annotates their music.

The new 10.5″ iPad Pro and its larger sibling, the 12.9″ iPad Pro, remind us why we stick with Apple even when other companies out there provide their own alternatives. iPad Pro might just be Apple at its best, and forScore is right at home on this incredible hardware.