2.3.2, BT-105 Available

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Hot on the heels of our 2.3.1 update, we’re happy (and a bit surprised!) to announce the immediate availability of forScore 2.3.2. This update addresses some minor issues introduced in version 2.3.1, as well as the following:

• Resolves an issue with the bookmarks menu for larger files
• Faster score deletions
• Improved new file detection

Updates have typically taken upwards of a week to go through Apple’s approval process, so we’re delighted to see this timeframe improving and hope that it is indicative of future updates, since ultimately we believe that a greater ability to respond to unexpected issues benefits our customers.

Also, AirTurn has now resumed shipments of the BT-105, and our promotion will be continuing into the new year, so don’t forget to check out our promo page or pass it along to a friend!