AirTurn PED

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Earlier this year, we were proud to help AirTurn announce their latest page turner, the PED. We knew it would be a fantastic new option for our users and after some preliminary testing we determined that modes 2 and up (standard keyboard modes, like the BT-105 and other page turners) would work with forScore right out of the box.

Unfortunately, after customers started getting their hands on the new devices, some of them discovered that forScore would start turning pages continuously. After some back and forth with AirTurn, we weren’t able to determine the cause of the issue and reluctantly started recommending that these customers return the device.

This issue seems to be specific to the PED’s keyboard modes, the ones forScore uses, so some people assumed it was a problem with forScore’s code. In fact, we have no reason to believe that that’s the case: forScore continues to work as expected with all other compatible page turners, and our handling of page turner signals is largely controlled by iOS anyway. The symptoms don’t appear in other music readers because they use AirTurn’s SDK to communicate with the PED directly in the device’s mode 1.

Mode 1 is where the PED really shines, though: it uses Bluetooth Smart to provide better battery life than the other modes, and it doesn’t interfere with iOS’s virtual keyboard. So to help our customers take full advantage of these technologies, we’ll be adopting AirTurn’s SDK with forScore 8.3 and forScore mini 1.2. We generally don’t like to add third-party code to our app if we can help it, but this time we think it’s worth it.

We know that many of our customers have already gone through the frustrating process of purchasing, trying, and returning the PED and for our premature endorsement we sincerely apologize. If you’ve got a PED and are willing to help us put 8.3 to the test, please consider becoming a beta tester. We appreciate your support, your patience, and despite these bumps in the road we think the PED will ultimately be the right device for many musicians.