File Sharing Advisory

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Last year, with the release of macOS 10.15, Apple restructured iTunes and replaced it with the Music app. As a result, Apple’s File Sharing panel (which was previously found within iTunes) was moved into Finder instead.

While we expected that Apple would maintain this panel’s functionality, key features like the ability to select multiple files were inexplicably left out. In response, we built our own file sharing interface within forScore Backup Utility (this article we posted at the time explains that in greater detail if you missed it). Not only did we restore the functionality Apple removed, but we added a few nice touches of our own and were proud of the end result, even though we expected at the time that Apple would soon fix their panel’s problems and that most people would end up going back to that built-in solution in the end.

Instead, those features are still missing and we’ve just discovered another huge issue with Apple’s File Sharing panel that we need to warn our users about. When adding files to an app through Finder, you won’t be prompted if a file already exists with the same name. Instead, the app’s copy is permanently overwritten with the computer’s copy and there’s no way to undo this or recover the file.

For this reason, we want to reiterate that we absolutely do not recommend using Apple’s File Sharing panel in macOS 10.15 (users running macOS 10.14 or earlier and those using Windows can continue to use the unchanged iTunes version without any such issues). Learn more about our free backup utility here.