About Page Flags

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forScore 13 introduces Flags, a way of quickly marking a page so you can remember to come back to it later. Flags are accessible through the Bookmarks menu, where you can tap the flag icon to flag or unflag the current page (or, in two-up mode, pick the left or right page). View all flagged pages for the current score, or tap the circled ellipsis button to show all flagged pages across all scores instead. Tap the trash can icon to delete all of the flags in the list at once.

You can also quickly flag or unflag a page by using contextual menus (right click on a page if you’re using a pointing device or use the title bar’s ellipsis menu, if available). You can also configure gestures, keyboard shortcuts, and accessory button presses to flag or unflag the current page through the Gestures and Page Turners & Shortcuts sections of forScore’s settings panel.

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