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Per Apple’s policies, apps made for most Apple devices—including iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch—must be sold and distributed exclusively by Apple; they keep 30% of all sales and do not permit developers to distribute their software any other way. Mac apps sold through the Mac App Store are also subject to these policies, although in this case Apple does allow developers to sell or distribute their apps outside of the Mac App Store if they prefer (as we do with our free forScore Backup Utility). All of our paid apps are currently subject to these policies.

Apple handles all transactions and distribution of our apps using your AppleID, without any involvement from us whatsoever. We do not maintain any user accounts, transaction records or receipts, and we receive no personally identifiable information about you from the sale of our apps. While we do offer technical support for our apps, we do not have access to your AppleID and we cannot assist you with questions or concerns regarding your transactions, payments, app installation, family sharing, or your Apple account information.

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