Pitch, Please 2.3

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The pitch pipe widget that we introduced with forScore 8 has proven to be a big hit, and it wasn’t long after people started using it that our suggestion box began filling up with requests for bringing something similar to the small-screen version of our pitch pipe, Pitch, Please! We listened, and with today’s update to version 2.3 we’re doing exactly that.

The widget relies on the app’s settings, so you can simply set the sound, octave, and tone that you want to use within the app, then get instant access to the note you need from just about anywhere. Those settings get pushed from the app to the widget, not the other way around, so you may not hear anything until you run the app and change the octave and sound settings at least once.

Other than that, it’s identical to the iPad version except that it uses two rows of buttons instead of one. It’s a fun and handy enhancement to a great tool, and we think you’ll love it. Check out Pitch, Please! 2.3 on the app store today!