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Setlist Membership

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If you’ve used setlists before, you probably know all about how to add, remove, and rearrange the items within them. There’s another way of changing things, though, and it’s in the Metadata panel.

Tap the circled arrow next to any item in a menu or tap the title of the current piece in the main view to see the metadata panel. In the lower section, the “Setlists” tab shows all of your setlists and a check mark next to the ones that your item is a part of. Tap a checked setlist to remove the item from it, or tap an unchecked setlist to add it. You’ll probably want to still go into the Setlists menu and rearrange items once you’ve added them, but this view gives you a way to see a quick overview or to add a new piece to a few different setlists easily.