Sneak Peek: forScore 10.2

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We’ve been hard at work, and today we’re tremendously excited to be unveiling the latest update to forScore, version 10.2. Beginning last year with the debut of forScore 10 and the big foundational improvements it introduced, we made the deliberate choice to continue building on it for a while and let the point releases serve a much bigger role. We kicked things off with 10.1 late last year, but 10.2 takes things up a notch. The feature list could’ve easily added up to an 11.0, but we’re sticking with our plan and pushing forward aggressively. Our mission—to make forScore the best sheet music reader it can be—won’t fulfill itself, after all.

There’s too much to cover here, so be sure to head over to our new in-depth page explaining most of the big changes. And, if you’re interested in helping us get it ready for a full release consider becoming a beta tester. We can’t do it without you, so thanks as always for your support, your enthusiasm, and your music.