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Last week, as Russia’s invasion of Ukraine began in earnest, we removed forScore from sale in Russia. We do not condone the actions of the Russian government and will not participate in the Russian economy, no matter how small our impact. We will continue to support our Russian-speaking users worldwide just as we always have, and we will continue to include and update Russian localizations in our app, but forScore is no longer available on the Russian App Store.

This action is both insignificant and punitive, but we believe that punitive measures are now necessary. Removing forScore from sale in Russia won’t hurt those in power, but it will put pressure on the people of Russia who must be the ones to lead their government to as prompt and peaceful a resolution as possible. Not all app developers have the economic freedom to do the same thing we’ve done, but we can—and therefore feel that we must.

We support the Ukrainian people and we believe that music has a unique ability to express our shared humanity no matter our background or spoken language, and we hope that we can continue to serve musicians worldwide again in the future.