Version 3.4

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We’re happy to announce the immediate availability of our latest update to forScore, version 3.4. This update includes tons of refinements and fixes, and adds a few important features that we think will make a big splash. We’ve added the ability to share and print bookmarks, improved tap and swipe detection, included Spanish localization, and we’ve made it easier to flip between scores by using optional two- and three-finger taps instead of returning to the menu each time.

We’ve also been told by Apple that our app must now be rated 17+ since it includes a web browser (which means our app has to be rated based on the content of the entire Internet.) Unfortunately, this may cause problems for any educational institutions that use our app and also rely on parental controls—if you’re one of them, then we encourage you to contact us through our support page so we can discuss some alternatives.

The world of app development changes every day, and while we can’t ever predict what Apple will say or how our app will fit into their many guidelines, we can and do promise to continue to make forScore even better with each revision. We know that this version of forScore is the best yet, and we’re excited to keep working hard every day to make it even better. Version 3.4 is available immediately on the App Store.