forScore 6.1

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Today we’re happy to announce the immediate availability of forScore 6.1, complete with MIDI integration, big Console improvements, and more. If you haven’t had a chance to read it, our recent Sneak Peek describes some of the biggest changes.

As always, this update is absolutely free for all of our existing customers, and still just $6.99 (USD) for newcomers. Be sure to check it out on the app store, and if you’re upgrading, please take a moment to back up your data first.

Sneak Peek: forScore 6.1

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We’ve been working hard for the last several months to ready our next big update to forScore, version 6.1. This update is all about MIDI, and it’s much more than a simple add-on. We’ve woven MIDI functions into the app at several different levels, making it even easier to integrate forScore into your connected setup. Use Apple’s Camera Connection Kit to attach your USB-equipped device or use an adapter like the iRig Midi.

Once you do, you’ll be able to play forScore’s virtual piano instrument, use MIDI signals to open specific scores or perform common actions, and add commands to any item in your library to be broadcast automatically any time you open it (including program changes, song select messages, and raw hex codes).

Console has seen some important enhancements, too. The metadata view now includes the ability to create and edit bookmarks, and allows you to manage setlist and library membership (just like you can with forScore’s Metadata panel). The main view now features a menu bar along the top of the screen that allows you to create new libraries and switch between them without returning to the iPad.

We’ve also made working with password-protected files more straightforward, expanded our shortcut options to include audio track controls, upgraded the metronome’s sounds, and added native support for Apple’s latest 64-bit devices.

It’s a great update, and we can’t wait to release it in a few weeks when it’s ready, so be sure to stay tuned. Thanks as always for your support!

Beat Keeper & Pitch, Please!

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Today we’re proud to announce two big updates for our two littlest apps: Beat Keeper 3 and Pitch, Please! 2. These great utilities have taken on a whole new look fit for iOS 7, complete with brand new icons and more.

Beat Keeper & Pitch, Please!

Beat Keeper Pitch, Please! Beat Keeper Pitch, Please!

Aside from the visual changes, Pitch, Please! 2 has been updated to run natively on the latest 64-bit devices, and it now works in both portrait and landscape orientation. Beat Keeper 3 includes a number of great improvements including new samples, channel selection when using headphones or an auxiliary cable, a beat limit for auto-shutoff, and 64-bit support. Both apps are available now, free for existing users or just 99 cents each (USD) for newcomers. Be sure to check them out!

Scanner Pro by Readdle

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Readdle’s popular iOS app, Scanner Pro, is the ‘App of the Week’ on the iTunes Store making it free instead of the usual $6.99. Like forScore’s built-in Darkroom feature, Scanner Pro allows you to quickly digitize files using your device’s camera. It also has many more advanced features like automatic alignment and full control over brightness and contrast. It’s a great opportunity for anyone who regularly digitizes their scores on the go, so be sure to check it out before this promotion ends!

* The details of this promotion, such as availability and price, may vary internationally.

App Gifting

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If you’re looking for last-minute gifts this year, don’t forget that apps make great presents too (especially on a deadline). The App Store makes it easy, and you can even schedule the email to arrive at a specific day and time. Here’s how:

– Visit forScore in the iTunes Store
– Click the drop-down arrow next to the “Buy” button
– Choose Gift This App and fill out the recipient’s email address

And although we’ll have limited availability through the end of year, we’ll be here to answer any questions the lucky recipient might have as they get started. Happy holidays!

PageFlip Firefly

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If you’re going to be in the market for Bluetooth page turner in the next few months, be sure to check out the PageFlip Firefly, the upcoming “big brother” to the PageFlip Cicada that’s slated to ship at the beginning of 2014.

PageFlip is using a Kickstarter campaign to fund the final stages of tooling and production to bring the new model to market, and they’re offering significant discounts for both the existing Cicada and the forthcoming Firefly models as rewards for Kickstarter backers. The campaign ends December 5, so don’t delay if you’d like to take advantage of these great discounts, and help PageFlip make this new model a reality!

forScore 6.0

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Today we’re happy to announce the immediate availability of forScore 6.0, complete with an all-new interface, incredible new features, and a bunch of exciting enhancements that are sure to delight. If you haven’t had a chance to read it, our recent Sneak Peek describes some of the biggest changes.

As always, this update is absolutely free for all of our existing customers, and still just $6.99 (USD) for newcomers. Be sure to check it out on the app store, and if you’re upgrading, please take a moment to back up your data first.

Sneak Peek: forScore 6

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From the moment iOS 7 was introduced, it was obvious that this would be a big year for Apple’s mobile OS, and for us. We jumped right in with the first beta, and we’ve been working with it for several months to create our next major update to forScore, version 6. Today, we’re very excited to give you a sneak peek at it and the future of forScore.

More than just a fresh new skin, forScore 6 is a brand new incarnation created exclusively for iOS 7. It showcases iOS’ natural aesthetic in both design and experience with layered views, delightful animations, cleaner visuals and an even greater focus on what matters most—your music. But even without these changes, forScore 6 would be a big update, bringing some incredible new features and enhancements to the strong foundation we’ve created over the past several years.

We focused heavily on enhancing forScore’s organizational power by adding two new metadata types, key and time, and by introducing libraries for big-picture management of your music collection. Work with only the scores you need and hide the rest—great for musicians who play in several bands, for educators with multiple students, or for musical families with a shared iPad.

Collaboration is another key area for us, and we wanted to make it even easier for groups to stay on the same page. With Cue, one member of a group can open scores and turn pages while the rest follow along automatically, keeping up with program changes and/or page turns. If one member doesn’t have a particular piece, the leader is notified and can share it with a single tap.

Another big new feature solves a problem we’ve been mulling over for some time now. No matter what Apple does with iTunes file sharing, or how they improve the iPad’s virtual keyboard, our customers still long for an easier way to add scores to forScore and to edit metadata from the comfort of their keyboard and mouse. A desktop application could help, but would require a tremendous amount of time and effort to develop and support. Instead, we created an innovative app-hosted web interface that’s easy to use, totally secure, and compatible with far more computers than we could have supported otherwise. It’s quite a treat, and we think it’s the perfect solution to a complicated problem.

And finally, something we’ve been working hard on for some time now: support for embedded PDF annotations. Tap on links to websites or other pages of your score and view all kinds of annotations and comments made on a computer. This includes markup annotations (like highlights and underlines), shapes, freehand drawings, text, and more. It’s an important feature, and we’re proud of the work we’ve done to finally make it a reality.

That’s just the beginning, though—forScore 6 includes all kinds of enhancements that really shine: tint stamps on the fly, add multiple audio tracks to a score, perform common actions with keyboard shortcuts and extra page turner pedal presses (great for use with AirTurn’s 4-pedal options), or count in with the metronome’s new auto-shutoff feature. It’s a packed update, and we’re very excited to release it just as soon as it’s ready and fully tested. Stay tuned!

iOS 7

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With the upcoming release of iOS 7, we know our users are wondering about compatibility and we’re happy to say that the current version of forScore (5.1.5) should work just fine with this exciting upgrade. We’ve worked with beta versions of iOS 7 since it was announced back in June, and while we can’t predict how the final release might differ from the versions we’ve been testing with, any issues at this point will likely be minor and we’re standing by to make any necessary tweaks. As always, be sure to back up your forScore library before upgrading.

Once you do, you’ll see that forScore 5.1.5 looks and feels almost exactly the same on iOS 7 as it does on iOS 6, but we’ll be releasing a big update in the next several weeks that’ll include some incredible new features as well as a completely new design—exclusively for iOS 7—so be sure to check back soon for a sneak peek and more news.

Version 5.1

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Today we’re very excited to announce the immediate availability of forScore 5.1. This update includes a number of enhancements, bug fixes, and broadens our language support by adding Danish, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, and Russian localizations.

The highlight, though, is a new feature called “Up Next” which shows the title of the next queued score in the status bar. Whenever you reach the last page of a song, the next item’s title will appear and then fade out automatically after four seconds, ten seconds, or when you turn the page (it’s customizable using the gear icon on the top right-hand corner of the screen). It’s a handy little addition that’s sure to make a big splash.

As always, this update is free for existing users and it’s just $6.99 (USD) for newcomers. Thanks for your support and suggestions—we couldn’t do it without you!

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