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Where did the Devices panel go?

With forScore 11 the Devices panel was moved from the Tools menu into forScore’s Settings panel based on frequency of use. Open the Tools menu, tap Settings, then choose Devices from the list to access this panel using newer versions of forScore.

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Where did the text annotation tool go?

In forScore 10 and earlier, the text annotation tool was represented by a “T” icon. In order to make this icon more universal and recognizable to our global audience, the icon was changed to a cursor icon with forScore 11. You can find it in the same spot as before, just to the left of the eraser icon.

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Where did Versions go?

forScore 11 includes a new Clone feature that provides a much simpler and easier way of creating multiple versions of your scores. Versions was retired and hidden by default as of forScore 11.0, but both features are still available and Versions can be re-enabled via the “Advanced options” section of forScore’s settings panel. Learn more about legacy features here.

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