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Use online storage services to access any scores you don’t have room for on your device, to share scores with friends, or to manually back up your most important files.

Note: iCloud Drive has a very specific framework and interface, and does not currently allow for multiple file selection, so it behaves differently than other supported cloud services as described below.

Getting Started

The Services panel can be used to access files in your Dropbox, Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive (personal), or Box accounts, and can also be used to access any number of FTP or WebDAV servers.
Tap the + button in the top left-hand corner to pick which services you’d like to use or to set up a new server connection. Services will ask you to log in as you start using them, while FTP and WebDAV connections must be set up with a name, domain, username, and password up front.
Once you’ve successfully logged in, you’ll be able to navigate through your folders and see your files. You can upload, download, move, and delete PDF files or forScore-specific scores, setlists, and backups (4SC, 4SS, and 4SB files). You can also download some kinds of text files (TXT, RTF, DOC, and DOCX) and they’ll be automatically converted to PDFs once they’ve been downloaded. Other file types are greyed out.

Downloading Files

Tap on a file to download it, and a copy will be saved into your forScore library. If a file with the same name already exists in your library, you’ll be asked to duplicate or overwrite the file, or to cancel the transfer. Tap the stop button in the middle of the progress wheel to cancel a file transfer.

To download all files within a folder:

  • View the folder you’d like to download from
  • Tap the Edit button in the upper right corner of the panel
  • Tap the “select all” button along the bottom of the panel (a circled check mark)
  • Tap the “download” button (cloud with an arrow pointing down out of it) to start downloading the selected files

Tip: tap and hold a PDF or 4SC file with two fingers and—assuming you have some setlists in your library—you’ll be prompted to either download it normally, download it to the current setlist, or download it to any setlist in your library. You are also prompted with these options when downloading multiple files at once. Learn more here: Feature of the Week: Services to Setlists

Moving Files

While in edit mode, tap to select one or more files, then choose “Move” from the control bar. The selected files will turn blue, and you’ll be able to select directories or use the back button to navigate to the desired destination. When you’re ready, tap the “Move” button once again to send the selected files to the current directory.

Uploading Files

To upload files, tap the + button at the bottom of the panel. You’ll be presented with a searchable list of all the files in your library, and you’ll also see an option in the lower right-hand corner to use the forScore-specific 4SC file format which includes annotations, metadata, links, and more. Tap one or more files to select them, then tap the “Upload” button in the upper right corner of the menu to begin the upload process. If you would like to select all files, tap the All button at the bottom of the panel.

*While we provide access to some third-party services through our app, we have no control over their service or terms and conditions, both of which are subject to change at any time. Please be sure to visit their respective websites if you have any questions prior to signing up or using these service.

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