Where do I get content?

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If you have an existing collection of PDF sheet music on your computer, the easiest way to get started is to transfer your files using iTunes’ file sharing panel. You can also use forScore’s Services panel to upload and download files using iOS’ Files app, Dropbox, or Box.

When you’re looking for something new to play, Musicnotes.com is the best place to find high-quality, fully licensed scores across a wide range of styles, instruments, and difficulty levels. All of your Musicnotes.com purchases can be accessed through the Services panel and downloaded directly into your forScore library as standard PDF files.

Many apps also allow you to share a PDF file and copy it to your forScore library. For example, you can use Safari to find a score online or use Mail to save an attachment that someone has sent you. Since forScore keeps its own copies of these files, you don’t have to worry about having an internet connection when you’re ready to play.

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