1.4 Available Now

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We are happy to announce the immediate availability of forScore 1.4. With features like page linking, margin adjustment, media binding, and more, forScore 1.4 is the perfect tool for musicians on the go. Read more about this update here.

Please note that while iTunes incorrectly lists this update as being version 1.3.2 on the store, the issue is related to the app store alone and will not affect the functionality or distribution of the update.

Upcoming features

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Update 1.4, submitted to Apple earlier this week, is the biggest update to forScore since it was introduced just over two months ago. Thanks to the support of our customers, we’ve been able to invest more and more in our app, and we wanted to take a moment to highlight some of the major features that you’ll be seeing soon:

Margin adjustment
The new zoom tool in the metadata panel allows you to adjust page margins on a per-file basis. The iPad’s screen isn’t as big as a regular sheet of paper, so eliminating extra white space is the best way to maximize your viewing experience. Best of all, it’s saved for each file so you don’t have to change it every time you switch to another piece of score.

The most frequent feature request from users was the ability to handle repeats. With 1.4, you can now create two link points in your score- a blue circle that acts like a hotspot, and an orange circle that acts as a signal. Tap the blue hotspot and you’ll be automatically taken to the correct page, where the orange spot will flash twice, showing you exactly where to begin playing. (The orange signal points are invisible until you tap a hotspot.)

Music binding
This is a feature we really wanted to get right. Instead of hunting for a track every time you need to hear your score, we created a way of binding a recording to a piece of score, so that it’s accessible though a clean, efficient interface that disappears when it’s not needed. When you’re viewing a piece of score with a song bound to it, tap the screen to show the controls and the media box will appear giving you quick access to playback. Navigate to a piece of score without any music information tied to it and the media box disappears, keeping your focus where it belongs.

We’ve also added quicker setlist creation, batch edit/email, sub-view search, BPM persistence for user files, better PDF download support for sites like Google Docs and Dropbox, improved support for large libraries, and more.

Thank you for your interest and support. We couldn’t have done it without you!

– The forScore Team

1.3 Released

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We’re happy to announce the immediate availability of forScore 1.3, featuring all sorts of new features:

– Edit your file’s composer or title with the new Metadata View
– Use forScore’s built-in browser to save PDF files directly to your iPad
– You can now remove all of the pre-loaded files
– Email PDFs directly from the iPad (without annotations, sorry!)
– Menu auto-resizing is now optional
– Setlist creation now includes an “Add All” button for each subview
– Improved user file integration and searching

Version 1.3 of forScore is available for just $4.99, or free for existing users.

Get 1.2 now!

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Update 1.2 is here, bringing loads of updates:

Setlist creation and management, a revamped skip-to-page bar, pen styles for annotation, screen-height tap zones, and bug fixes/performance enhancements.

Free for existing users, or just $4.99 for newcomers, get it here.

On proportions and orientation

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Until now we’ve been careful to specify that any files users import into forScore should be 8.5x11in. It was a restriction that we knew would be temporary, and we’re now happy to announce that the upcoming 1.2.1 update, which will be submitted just as soon as the 1.2 update becomes available, will allow for intelligent scaling of all aspect ratios and overall sizes.

This also means that you can now use landscape-oriented files with forScore. In portrait mode they’ll look a little silly, filling up only the top half of the screen, but turn the iPad sideways and you’ll get a full view of the page.

A word of warning, though, is that if you’ve gone ahead and used non-standard file sizes before now, the exact placement of the notes will likely shift somewhat. Annotations will no longer be exact, so any important information should be saved elsewhere before updating. If you’ve been using 8.5x11in files, everything should continue to work just like you’d expect.

Timing is always uncertain with the app store, but we’re expecting 1.2.1 to be available late next week.

A sneek peak at 1.2

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Our 1.2 update has been submitted to Apple, and should be available shortly. We wanted to take a moment to discuss the new features and others still to come.

Setlists: Our most-requested feature, you can now create and edit lists of songs on the fly.

Settings: We’ve created a dedicated settings area so you can turn off animations, page gradients, and keep the skip-to-page bar visible at all times.

Skip-To-Page Bar: A great idea just got a whole lot better, with a slider mechanism instead of a series of buttons. A popup now shows you exactly where you are, much like Apple’s iBooks app.

Tap Zones: Another highly requested adjustment- the page turn touch zones now extend all the way up the screen.

There are plenty of performance enhancements and bug fixes, too, including an issue with filenames containing foreign characters. That’s not the end, though, we’ve got much more planned for our next release. (Please note, this is all tentative for now!) The number one thing on our list now is better user file management. We’re working to add a way to input metadata for your files, and then use that data to organize them more intuitively. We’re also going to be looking at setting up forScore as a file handler, so you can open PDF files from anywhere and import them directly into the app. We’re not resting for a moment, and will continue to work hard at making forScore the best app it can be!

Version 1.1 now available

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Version 1.1 of forScore is now available on the app store, a free update for existing customers or still just $2.99.

The latest version of forScore includes the ability to draw annotations right onto the page, giving you an experience that rivals the real thing. Version 1.1 also includes much faster page turns, better metronome accuracy, a skip-to-page bar along the bottom for quick navigation, and more. We’re delighted to provide all of these features free of charge for existing customers, and there will be many more to come!

forScore Updated To Version 1.0.1

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Today Apple approved the 1.0.1 update to forScore, which is available for download immediately. This very minor update was submitted on the day we launched forScore, and fixes an issue that allowed users to turn past the last page in a non-bundled file. It also includes some optimizations and other tweaks, but we’re almost done with the 1.1 update that will bring much more!

For version 1.1 we’ve added hand-drawn annotation, significantly improved the response time for page turns, and fixed an issue where files with capitalized extensions were not recognized by the application. We are planning on submitting it by the end of the week, and it should be live a few days after that.

Thanks to everyone for their support and interest! We’ve gotten plenty of feedback that we’re going to use for more updates and more features just as quickly as we can.

forScore Now Available

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MGS Development Announces forScore Availability

Portland, OR, April 9, 2010 — MGS Development today announced the immediate availability of forScore, the musical score reader exclusively for iPad.

ForScore, the musical score reader for iPad, is available immediately for $2.99 through iTunes and the iPad App Store. ForScore allows users to take over 1300 pages of beautifully rendered score with them on the go, featuring 18 world-renowned composers and almost 300 different titles. With innovative and remarkable features like the visual metronome, forScore is more than just a library of score- it’s a musician’s perfect companion.

ForScore is available here.

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User files, confirmed!

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While we are continuing to work through the app submission process, delays beyond our control have created an opportunity to test our app on an actual device. We’re happy to announce that the user files feature will be included at launch, which is expected later this week. We’re confident our app will benefit from the extra time we have to test without being constrained by an atypical deadline, and we think you’ll agree too!