Keynote Cameo

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We spotted a familiar sight at Apple’s latest media event, in the slide showcasing the huge number of apps currently available for iPad—and now for the iPad mini as well:

Our icon is right at the bottom of the slide, just below Facebook, and also right above Phil Schiller’s head in the closeup. We’re proud to have played a very tiny role in Apple’s latest event, and can’t wait to try forScore out on the newest members of the iOS family!

4.2 Update

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Today we’re proud to introduce forScore 4.2, available now through the App Store. This update includes a number of important bug fixes and enhancements, and is also fully tested and compatible with iOS 6.

While 4.2 is mostly an under-the-hood revision, the most obvious change relates to forScore’s ability to control playback of songs that are already playing when the app launches—we’ve made it optional, and disabled it by default. We think it’s an invaluable feature for some, but we also recognize that it can be confusing and unnecessary for others, and we hope that this change helps clear things up. We’ve also added edit/batch edit options to the bookmarks menu, and we’ve included the ability to download setlists through the built-in browser.

After careful consideration, we’ve also decided to end support for iOS 4 with this update. Every iPad model is capable of running iOS 5, and since the vast majority of our customers have already upgraded, we’re confident that this is the right time to move forward. By targeting iOS 5 or later, we’re able to make our code simpler, more reliable and flexible, and we’ll be free to adopt newer system-wide features.

As always, this update wouldn’t be possible without the tremendous support and feedback of our customers, so thank you—we’re proud to call such a vibrant and engaged community our audience, and we’ll keep working hard every day to make forScore even better.

Updates for iPhone 5

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Our two apps for the small screen have gotten a little bit bigger today with fresh updates ahead of Friday’s iPhone 5 (and next month’s iPod Touch) launch. Beat Keeper 2.1 and Pitch, Please! 1.2 now take full advantage of 4-inch screens while retaining their compatibility with all current devices. As always, both updates are completely free for existing users.

iOS 6

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With the release of iOS 6 coming tomorrow, we wanted to mention that forScore 4.1.2 is compatible with Apple’s latest update. While there are a few very minor interface issues that’ll be corrected with our next version, there’s no reason to hold off on upgrading if you’re so inclined (and have a recent backup of your forScore library). We’ll have more news on our 4.2 update shortly, so stay tuned!

forScore 4.1

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We’re in high gear following the introduction of forScore 4, and today we’re proud to announce the immediate availability of version 4.1. This version fixes bugs and continues the streamlining process we began with 4.0, but also includes a few small refinements based on feedback we’ve received from our users.

We’ve reintroduced the “unknown genre” category, adding to it a new “unknown keywords” category as well. We’ve also made the “flip between scores” setting even more flexible, adding a “setlists” option that allows you to play through an entire setlist without returning to the menu while still preventing you from accidentally turning too far in other situations.

Version 4.1 is available now on the App Store, still just $4.99 (USD) for new customers and a free update for all existing users. There’s more to come soon, so stay tuned, and thanks for your incredible support!

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