Sneak Peek: forScore 4.0

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Today we’re very excited to give you a sneak peek at the next major version of forScore, version 4.0. Things have been quiet around here as we work hard to get ready for such a big update, and we think you’ll agree that it was worth the wait when we release it in the next few weeks.

We started by combing through every part of the app to make it better, faster, and more efficient than ever before. Annotations are more responsive, library routines are smarter, and page turns benefit from an all-new adaptive caching system that takes advantage of every millisecond of downtime without ever getting in your way. Just a few page flips and you’ll see why we codenamed this version Mercury—it’s the lightest, fastest version yet.

There’s more than just speed, though: version 4.0 also greatly improves your workflow. For instance, most menus now include multi-select for iOS 5 users; that means you can choose one or more scores and then perform a variety of actions on those scores, rather than having to always work backwards. It’s one of the most important changes we’ve ever made to forScore, and we think you’ll love it.

Of course, forScore is only as good as your content, and we’re making it even easier for you to find high-quality scores by introducing a full in-app purchase storefront. It’s the best place to discover, preview, and download free and paid scores that are optimized for the iPad. We’re working with artists and publishers alike, so let us know if you’d like to participate.

Version 4.0 is packed with lots of other great new features, too: setlist sharing, audio track looping, page note reminders, annotation font styles, and two new page transition options are just the beginning.

As always, this update wouldn’t exist without the incredible participation and feedback from our users, so thank you. Your passion is why we work hard every day to make forScore even better, and version 4.0 is no exception. We can’t wait to share it with you.

3.5 Arrives

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Version 3.5 is now live on the App Store for just $4.99 (USD) or free for existing users, and includes the following enhancements and improvements:

• Includes Retina display support
• Adds a performance mode for fool-proof page turning
• Moves the find function to the main control bar for even quicker access
• Allows simultaneous audio track, piano, pitch pipe, and metronome playback
• Adds several new options for dealing with duplicate files in Dropbox
• Includes an option to use legacy TV Output with newer iPads
• Displays the number of scores in the current setlist
• Includes other minor bug fixes

Retina Support

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With Apple announcing an all-new iPad today, you may be wondering if forScore will work with the new hardware. It will, and with our forthcoming update, forScore version 3.5, it will also be fully optimized for the Retina display. We’ve been working hard over the past few weeks to get ready for this, and forScore looks gorgeous in 3.1 million pixels.

This update includes a lot more than just Retina display support, though, so iPad 1 and 2 users won’t be left out. Most significantly, we’ve added something that we think will make a huge difference: performance mode. With it, any touch anywhere on the screen turns the page forwards, except for a strip down the left-hand side of the screen which turns backwards just in case you flip too far ahead. It makes page turns more reliable than ever, and you’ll feel just as comfortable using forScore in performance as you do in practice. That’s just one of a number of improvements we’re making with forScore 3.5, which will be available soon for just $4.99 (USD) and still absolutely free for existing users.

Version 3.4

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We’re happy to announce the immediate availability of our latest update to forScore, version 3.4. This update includes tons of refinements and fixes, and adds a few important features that we think will make a big splash. We’ve added the ability to share and print bookmarks, improved tap and swipe detection, included Spanish localization, and we’ve made it easier to flip between scores by using optional two- and three-finger taps instead of returning to the menu each time.

We’ve also been told by Apple that our app must now be rated 17+ since it includes a web browser (which means our app has to be rated based on the content of the entire Internet.) Unfortunately, this may cause problems for any educational institutions that use our app and also rely on parental controls—if you’re one of them, then we encourage you to contact us through our support page so we can discuss some alternatives.

The world of app development changes every day, and while we can’t ever predict what Apple will say or how our app will fit into their many guidelines, we can and do promise to continue to make forScore even better with each revision. We know that this version of forScore is the best yet, and we’re excited to keep working hard every day to make it even better. Version 3.4 is available immediately on the App Store.

forScore 3.3

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Today we’re proud to introduce the latest update to forScore, version 3.3. This update improves upon some of our most popular features like half-page turns and the recently added piano keyboard, and continues our efforts to bring forScore to customers around the world by adding support for German and refining our existing translations (thanks to the tireless efforts of our amazing volunteers!)

forScore 3.3 is available immediately on the App Store for just $4.99 (USD) or totally free for existing users, and you can find the full list of changes below:

• Allows half-page turns between files
• Dramatically improves piano keyboard responsiveness
• Highlights the current score in its source list or setlist
• Adds support for German and improves other translations
• Fixes an issue with rotation after using Darkroom
• Includes other minor bug fixes

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