iOS 7

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With the upcoming release of iOS 7, we know our users are wondering about compatibility and we’re happy to say that the current version of forScore (5.1.5) should work just fine with this exciting upgrade. We’ve worked with beta versions of iOS 7 since it was announced back in June, and while we can’t predict how the final release might differ from the versions we’ve been testing with, any issues at this point will likely be minor and we’re standing by to make any necessary tweaks. As always, be sure to back up your forScore library before upgrading.

Once you do, you’ll see that forScore 5.1.5 looks and feels almost exactly the same on iOS 7 as it does on iOS 6, but we’ll be releasing a big update in the next several weeks that’ll include some incredible new features as well as a completely new design—exclusively for iOS 7—so be sure to check back soon for a sneak peek and more news.

Version 5.1

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Today we’re very excited to announce the immediate availability of forScore 5.1. This update includes a number of enhancements, bug fixes, and broadens our language support by adding Danish, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, and Russian localizations.

The highlight, though, is a new feature called “Up Next” which shows the title of the next queued score in the status bar. Whenever you reach the last page of a song, the next item’s title will appear and then fade out automatically after four seconds, ten seconds, or when you turn the page (it’s customizable using the gear icon on the top right-hand corner of the screen). It’s a handy little addition that’s sure to make a big splash.

As always, this update is free for existing users and it’s just $6.99 (USD) for newcomers. Thanks for your support and suggestions—we couldn’t do it without you!

forScore 5.0

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Today, exactly three years since forScore was first introduced, we’re happy to announce the immediate availability of forScore 5.0. This huge update includes fifty great new features, enhancements, and refinements, sure to make this the best version of forScore yet.

As always, this update is absolutely free for all of our existing customers, and it’s now just $6.99 (USD) for newcomers. Be sure to check it out on the app store, and if you’re upgrading, please take a moment to back up your data first.

We’d like to thank everyone who helped make forScore 5.0 a reality, including all of the customers who have supported us, written reviews, told their friends about our app, and shared their incredible insights and perspectives on how forScore works for them. We’d also especially like to thank our beta testers and translators. We couldn’t have done it without them, and we’re extremely grateful for the time and energy they put into helping us get 5.0 ready. Thanks!

Sneak Peek: forScore 5

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Today we’re very excited to give you a first look at the latest update to forScore, version 5.0. It’s been less than three years since we first introduced forScore—just days after the original iPad went on sale—and it has come a very long way since then. With 5.0, we’re continuing to lead by taking some of the biggest leaps yet without compromising our promise of free and meaningful upgrades for life.

From our most common feature requests to major under-the-hood rewrites, 5.0 packs quite a punch. We’ve added incredible new features like tabbed browsing, a new two-page view, and passcode restrictions for certain features (great for educators). We’ve refined the essentials to include movable half-page turns, multiple composers, and we’ve moved setlists to their own menu complete with a brand new full-screen setlist creator that lets you view and edit your list while browsing and adding new items. We’ve even added the ability to offset page numbers, merge files right from the score menu, or add placeholders to your setlists.

There’s a lot more to 5.0 than that, though. We’ve rewritten forScore’s library storage system to use Core Data, so it’s faster and more efficient than ever before. It’s the kind of change that really sets the stage for years of upgrades to come, and we couldn’t be more proud of it.

Of course, none of it would be possible without you, our customers. We’re extremely grateful for your support and engagement, and although forScore 5.0 won’t be ready for a few more weeks, we want to hear from you. If you’re interested in helping us get ready for this huge update, we can always use beta testers. And, if you’re fluent in English and at least one other language, we’d love your assistance with translating forScore. We can’t wait to show you what we’ve been working hard on for the past four months, and we couldn’t be more excited about the future of forScore. Thank you!

BT-105 Coupon

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We love our AirTurn BT-105, and we’ve heard from hundreds of customers who couldn’t live without theirs either. If you’ve been considering getting one, or have a musician on your gift list this holiday season, now is the perfect time to act. We’ve partnered with our friends at AirTurn to offer a special coupon code: FORSCORE15

This coupon code gives you 15% off, free shipping to US addresses, and still qualifies for our ongoing promotion that nets you a free copy of forScore with any purchases made through our affiliate link. This code expires Dec. 14th, so be sure to check it out today!

Update: This promotion has now ended, sorry!

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